Michelle Souza and Laura Richarz

Recorded March 7, 2010 Archived March 7, 2010 34:51 minutes
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Michelle Souza (58) talks to her friend Laura Richarz (58) about her mother Blase Camacho Souza.

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Michelle’s mother Blase was born in Hawaii but was of Puerto-Rican descent. She talks about her mother’s parents and her birth.
Michelle talks about the origins of her mother’s name “Blase.”
Michelle talks about her mother moving from Hawaii to New York City to attend the Pratt Institute.
Michelle talks about the trip she took with her mother to Portugal.
Michelle describes what her mother looks like.
Michelle talk about her mother’s archives and research on Puerto Rican migration to Hawaii being housed at the Centro de Estudios Puerto Riqueños at Hunter College in NYC.


  • Michelle Souza
  • Laura Richarz