Alfonso Garcia and Renee Sanchez, ESQ.

Recorded March 8, 2010 Archived March 8, 2010 18:34 minutes
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Alfonso Castillo Garcia (84) talks with his granddaughter Renee Sanchez (36) about his life.

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Alfonso has 4 living siblings. He talks about the two siblings that have passed away. Alfonso was born in New Mexico.
Alfonso tells the story about how he met his wife. She was 22 and he was 26.
Alfonso talks about Local 300: the union he belonged to when he worked in construction.
Alfonso tells the story about the time he was in a truck accident.
Alfonso talks about what his life is like now. He talks about loving animals.


  • Alfonso Garcia
  • Renee Sanchez, ESQ.


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00:05 My name is Renee Sanchez. I am 36 years old today is March 8th 2010. Where an East Los Angeles and I am here with my grandfather Alfonso Garcia.

00:27 My name is Alfonso Garcia.

00:31 And my age is 84.

00:37 Date of conversation mamachi h220 pan

00:42 Location is Los Angeles relationship my granddaughter?

00:50 If that's it.

00:53 So Grandpa Grandpa, I wanted to ask you some questions today. I've asked you some of these before but I'll just start with our family. So where were you born?

01:08 And how many brothers and sisters did you have or do you have four brothers? And what are their names?

01:21 Angelina Jordan, Richard, Wilford and Nadine

01:32 And do you have other siblings who are no longer living?

01:38 Do you have a brother named Joe? Do you have any other brothers who died or know how many brothers and four of us leaving? And what were your parents named Ariel Castillo? Garcia is my mom named after your mom right? I think that's not my mom's middle name.

02:23 Me and you're right. So, let me ask you this. How long did you live in New Mexico?

02:35 July went in a service 18 years or when did you go into the service 49?

02:54 4849 + 50

03:02 I took training for drills, Texas and Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

03:08 And then we'll ship to Korea two years in Korea. What did you do when you came to California jobs?

03:23 Did you come to Los Angeles or somewhere else?

03:28 Drive to Venice, California.

03:33 And is that where you met my grandmother? What was her name?

03:40 You lie. And did you meet her in Venice? What was it like when you met her?

03:49 I guess it was good. And did you how did you know her? How did you come to know her we were in Venice, California?

04:06 And did you become friends and how how did six months in a week after 6 months? That's pretty fast. How old are you 25 26 and how old was she was 22 years old?

04:32 I guess if she was a good woman.

04:40 How many children did you have with her for three living 100?

04:49 And one of them to my mom.

04:53 Let me take a step back. What were your parents like?

04:58 Very good parent.

05:00 I never knew them. My mom did though, right.

05:11 And do remember your grandparents what were their names?

05:20 Going back home Vivian Castillo

05:27 And is a Karina Castillo.

05:42 Those were your grandparents on your mother's side. Do you remember your grandparents on your father?

05:54 Mama kid we used to call her. Mama Tica. I don't know what her mama Kika.

06:01 Oh my God, I never knew her my father's father.

06:08 Do you have any memories from your childhood?

06:12 Like what? I don't know anything in particular that stands out a good memory.

06:23 You were always in trouble.

06:35 Doing things that you're not supposed to.

06:39 Okay, you're going to leave it at that.

06:43 As far as I can go.

06:46 Fair enough

06:48 So I wanted to ask you a little bit about your work before I get into that.

06:56 Your was did your family move to New Mexico or were they always there or what?

07:09 How far back can you trace our family history to Belen, New Mexico?

07:15 I guess when I was 45 years old, are you?

07:20 Did you have any favorite relatives?

07:24 No, I wouldn't say did you have any family parties?

07:29 Not too much. Now. Let me ask you about work. I always ask you about this because you know, I represent labor unions here in Los Angeles. And you were in labor unions here. Right? What unit. Are you in local 300? What kind of music?

07:50 What's today?

07:53 Did you say labor and brake handle under a brick tender?

08:01 Were you ever a Teamster and it was local 302? Where was that local based at Angeles? We had our substation in West Los Angeles. When did you get involved with local 304 started working in construction work 25 years in a labor union and you came back from Korea. And what did you do with local 300 most players? Yeah, I drove a truck for

08:52 Well, that was a union company was amazing contract and we were with local 300 when he drove with produce or fruit or vegetable.

09:15 Nice hot tomatoes from

09:19 Oxnard to hunt catch a bus it was in Fullerton tomatoes for the labor work was slow and do you know that my mom told me a story about when you used to haul the tomatoes about you bringing the tomatoes back to the neighbors and what happened that at times today, but they told me up she it was a big shock and I had maybe 50

09:54 Have a carriage. So I go home sleep that night and then take it to sometimes, you know, I was close to the house and he was too late for me to go to the Hunt's Ketchup. And my mom said in those cases that then the neighborhood will make sure I have any Tomatoes cannot block and cement you had to put brick all over the front yard and the backyard that was really pretty.

10:35 Stone breaker

10:41 Are there any

10:46 Not really.

10:50 I don't know. What do you mean by scary moment? What happened? I had a I was coming back.

11:07 Front loading the truck and I had a big forklift in the back and the truck is pretty like when it's empty and somebody put in front of me and I slam on the brakes and the weight of the forklift turn me over and the forklift and a big tree coming from San Bernardino to Los Angeles over guess a forklift sometimes Union Union activity could get a little heated or there'd be a strike or something where you at? I thought everybody watching if you put a picket line in those days when I worked nobody would cross a picket line now, they go in and out like nothing's happening.

12:07 Back then and bring you involved in the well just has all but not in and you would make sure to honor those for you. I remember one time you told me that the way that you bought your houses was because you had a good paying union job. Is that how you felt? Like I was always working.

12:38 I didn't know this when I bought the house you can buy a house for $12,000. You can buy a car for $12,000 at the House of Charity, Florida.

12:55 Let's talk about your kids. What was what was my mom like when she was a kid? She wanted for Africa. I met your grandma my wife Nelly.

13:11 Is a new one till your father comes then they calm down because I knew they were first more afraid of me than her. Do you have any any particular stories about her anything you remember? That was no. No, I just

13:29 I remember one time her and Junior were that hurted they were smoking marijuana and I got to run to them on that. Did you catch him know I had you here?

13:43 I don't remember but I heard probably Nelly Nelly seeing them probably say how that talking.

13:55 What was the what was the

13:58 I don't know. What else what else can I ask you?

14:04 I have a questions about me.

14:07 So I would like to know what you what kind of hopes or dreams that you have for me or my family.

14:17 Thank you.

14:21 And what about for Gina my sister?

14:27 Bollywood pretty well

14:32 Well educated

14:34 And I like that. Thank you.

14:39 If you had any wisdom to give me what would that wisdom be like you are.

14:47 I'm trying.

14:53 What's it like getting old you always tell me that how come?

15:01 You can do what you want to do if I can hardly walk and

15:08 It's not that it's not like when you're young.

15:12 They say that golden years.

15:15 You giving it a thumbs down?

15:18 Well you are you are pretty active. You are always on the go.

15:26 Do you have any friends who are your friends?

15:32 I don't know part of the world are named Marty and Gandalf. You met the Muslim in Venice.

15:42 Did they ever call you the mayor of when were told why did they quit the windward?

15:52 Windward Avenue in Venice. Why were you why were you the mayor of windward?

16:03 Barbies to drink beer

16:08 Hands, hang around after work.

16:13 Do you ever get an intent any fights today?

16:17 No.

16:20 You're being so I think you're going to get arrested. Huh? Loyal not afraid to him know. I'm not asking if you got into fights now.

16:31 And then I probably a few years. That's some story is I think huh.

16:38 Do you have any regrets Grandpa?

16:49 What's your life like now?

16:51 My wife your life.

16:54 I'm good. I can't complain. What do you do during the day up and down the boulevard golf near the ocean?

17:09 I buy a lot of food for them and I enjoy seeing meet you like animals.

17:16 Did you always live animals? What animals do you live in particular dogs and cats?

17:23 And they follow me like you they know.

17:28 That you love them.

17:30 I can never forget that your cat came under the table and started scratching my knee.

17:42 Do you miss your cat?

17:47 Ruffian home

17:56 Okay. I have a few last questions. How would you like to be remembered when you leave this place which we all eventually well.

18:05 I guess that I tried to do it best.

18:16 Do you have any questions that you want to ask me?

18:21 Thank you for inviting me over here. Thank you for inviting me and coming with me. Thank you. I love you grandpa.