Noreen Haubrock and Chip Haubrock

Recorded January 14, 2011 Archived January 14, 2011 40:50 minutes
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Noreen Haubrock (75) talks with her son Chip Haubrock (51) about Chips grandfather and father.

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Chip talk about a the house in Timberland 2 miles outside of Morrison, Illinois. His grandfather built that house.
When Noreen and the kids would go visit that house Chip’s grandfather did want the windows to be cleaned of the kids fingerprints. He wanted to keep something from their visit.
Chip asks about his dad being a great athlete.
Chip asks Noreen about growing up in a farm. Noreen wishes she had given the same thing to her kids instead of moving a lot.
Chip described his dad Chuck by referring to the movie ‘Tribute’ with Jack Lemmon and his character in that movie. There wasn’t a person that did not know him and that’s how his dad was.


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00:02 I'm sure paw Brock 51 years old. Today's date is January 14th, 2011. We're here in Phoenix, Arizona and I am about to talk to my mom.

00:16 I'm Noreen Fabric and I'm 75 years old. Today is January 14th, 2011 and we are in Phoenix, Arizona and num.

00:31 The relationship is tip is my son.

00:35 So you were really well-prepared. You can't read it and take them it once you think would work to talk about was the the way that the house on Timberlake got started. How did they start working on a garage first? Yeah. Well, they bought this land out in this Timber about two miles outside of Morrison, Illinois.

01:21 Enough

01:24 My husband's father and my mother-in-law's brother started we're going to build houses. And so they built 4 car garage with a Breezeway down the middle and Dill was a special ed teacher speech correction, and he got a good job somewhere else. So he left dad with this for car garage.

01:52 And dad started from there and it was a beautiful house really pretty there were cherry trees in this Timber and he took those and had him for the dryer. Okay, whatever they do and for the living room and dining room and then he made arches for two places in the room, which I don't understand how you do that. But anyway, he built three fireplaces put on a back porch. That was some Ayo, I don't remember.

02:30 And no.

02:32 And this was all in what I do early 50s mid-50s wellcheck was in college. I thinking in the service so be 49 or 50 sometime around there. I think and the grandpa was I know he was a teacher as well as a teacher in both rooms or for upper grades in the Southern Miss Lady or Lord, but he was a principal at the junior high school in Morris. And also he used to do that. He always said he did that so he could afford to teach school because he liked teaching school. I never heard that before and I did lots of neat things.

03:25 What's the kids took a roller skating and all kinds of stuff after he got so big I guess they couldn't Barber he worked for this man that had a lumber company. I think but I don't think would have been before he started building the house. But he was a pretty smart guy. He probably sit back and watch somebody else do it. And yeah, right and that he was able to do it.

04:07 There been so many times that people have asked me especially when I was younger. Do you remember Grandpa dude you remember out and I really wanted to say that I could remember that. I I don't think I do or maybe I did and I was because of Beth was

04:27 Two or three months old when dad died so that would have made you what three and the thing I most remember with you and grandpa doing was on Sunday mornings. He would take you behind us put you behind his arm cuz people did that back then when they have seats for kids and go into town and get the paper which is fairly reworked.

05:00 You've got to talk a little bit about about the time that I came to visit at the house which had a bunch of bug glass windows on the front of it Northside with floor-to-ceiling Windows. I meant to tell back and there was one time that we came to visit when I was when I was really young and in order to kind of walk along the room. I had to put my hands up against those windows and I can't tell without credit cuz Grandma Grandpa

05:45 So that they could stay up when we were gone. Then that's the way I remember Grandma came in right away, Don't be doing that pictures around the house that I remember of a grandpa and me of me standing. I think I was standing on the tailgate of a truck and he had his arm around me.

06:26 And so that made me feel like maybe I remembered him cuz I saw that picture, had lots of pictures together amount a lot but

06:39 Yeah.

06:41 Cuz he was really pleased to have a grandson and then when he was pleased When Death was born.

06:55 Cuz that they didn't have any daughters and Grandma sold so much and she had been of homak major at the University of Illinois. And you didn't so no wonder she could cook and stuff. What do all these things used to make beautiful clothes 400. She made my wedding dress if she's ever seen it.

07:32 Yep, and I don't know if I ever thanked you enough for doing it cuz it was it was very different and very pretty. But anyway, so it's really glad that we had Beth for grandmas sake so that they could do things together. And of course that worked out to be the app for years and years after that. Yes, Grandma came and lived with us. Okay the house on Matthews remember how their bedroom from? Yeah. They were joining that was the addition addition to the house and I have to say that I was really jealous. I'll really

08:32 No, no, nothing special very special and I was always glad for that cuz I was busy with me taking her to therapies and I couldn't do all the things I wanted to do as a mother and so I was really glad grandma was there who had met some handicaps and took some special time and it was something I was thinking about.

09:05 They are just the other day about my grandpa was whether or not he was an athlete cuz Dad was what was an athlete who has records that still stand at the high school that he went to Illinois and visited in probably 10 years ago and and plaques that indicate that the summer Jazz records still stand. If I remember correctly. He scored eight or nine touchdowns in one game that could be he was he was bigger than everybody help with that because she didn't end up being bigger for high school kids. Okay, and and he was big and fast and just pretty much did what he wanted to on a football field to some of those records still stand and then the whole time that I was growing up he took me with him.

10:05 2 AUD to watch him at umpire baseball basketball football high school kids College college level.

10:16 And so he was really really an athletic oriented. Well in a basketball uniform with a team, yeah, but that's but there were lots of athletes and Chuck's family, you know, Don Anderson played basketball and took ya play either Kansas or Kansas State. I don't remember and the cousin in California that played professional football for a little bit. I don't know if you're kidding when he was in college. I guess he went to count Denis Cal Berkeley.

11:20 Cuz he was sweets grandson.

11:33 Had weak knees knee had surgery on his knees and everything and I think he only played three seasons and that was you know, sitting on the bench them too, but I think that something and of course, you know, I got a scholarship to go to Boulder football scholarship. Yes. I always have the last of him telling us. He said I didn't realize that there were so many guys that were so much bigger than my life and he said and start knocking him around so it didn't take you very long that he quit the football team and didn't have his scholarship anymore. So

12:18 But he when he got out of college was that when he went and played on minor league baseball for a little while. I think it was a summer during college. Maybe. I don't know if it was more than one summer or not.

12:35 Yeah, he was he was quite an athlete probably already played baseball. I'm sure track and field star who couldn't events that they wanted him to do everything and things just wasn't able to give everywhere every place at the same time and distance events and back in the days when they really did have a used bamboo poles are the fiberglass. Did they use now instead of landing on that nice off phone. They landed in sawdust cushion. I remember of

13:29 But Grandma and Grandpa and and Chuck and I went into Chicago one time to see the Daily News relays. It was an Insight Ira Murchison, who is a little guys. What's that shortest run?

13:49 But they do 50 yards yards back then maybe maybe fifty or sixty he was his legs just look like he was a machine to stay with round and round and round and that's and we got to see the pole vaulter to who is I don't know if we went to the Olympic serve as I can't remember his name instead of Bob Richards. I don't remember her love yourself up in the air like that. I don't know how they have the nerve to do it.

14:32 I'm looking looking back at your list here and

14:37 One of the things I hear that I remember pretty clearly was the time that you and I were together at the at the Los Angeles International Airport back. I'm going to say the mid-sixties and I think we had that before.

14:55 Tony Tony and Chip and Beth and you and I were all there to pick up my mother from the airport from Illinois that she's coming to visit back when we lived in Southern California. You recognized somebody at the like a dining room. Yeah. Well, but I mean it was coffee shop. I should have said it was Arturo Rubinstein who was a very famous pianist and I think he was rushing probably Russian and I remember him we used to go to my mother and my kid brother and I used to go to a lot of movies on Saturday nights.

15:45 And know that in the lot of the musicals, he would come into play a song and that he didn't have any speaking part or anything but he would play and so I knew what he looked like which is kind of unusual and the and the thing though that took my attention was the fact they were speaking a foreign language here in this man that would he was with and so I started looking and I saw that it was him and I was so startled or I thought it was him and then I looked at his hands and his fingers for her so long which a lot of pianos have long long fingers and the

16:31 So I went over and kind of nervy I guess.

16:36 And said Mr. Rubenstein and he turned around and he said yes, and I said, oh I'm so placed it issue, but I wasn't sure and I said, my mother is just coming in from Illinois on the plane and they said she's a Pianist and

16:53 So I would love to have your autograph for her and he says of course, you know, I don't remember what he wrote it down. But he patted all you kids on the head and I just thought that was so nice of him and I don't remember if I told you told him your names or not, but he was a very nice man, and I was enthralled still been at a time when he was still performing widely. Probably I mean coming from somewhere but

17:31 So an another thing you had on the on the list was it was a growing up on a farm, but you certainly did do I visited the farm maybe a four or five times as I was growing up my folks moved to town?

17:55 They traveled out there a couple times during the summer. I remember and I'm actually participated and the Harvest the folks had and they detassel corn. It's what they did. And yeah, and it it was hard work really hard work and I guess I guess I haven't asked them about that for a long time and I'm sure they remember it, but they paid Coruscant.

18:35 I'd kind of forgotten about that, but I

18:39 Love growing up on the farm, and I've always been sorry that I couldn't offer.

18:45 Here I Go Again

18:52 The fact that I'd had on the farm because we moved quite a bit. He had to make new friends and everything and I don't think it ever hurt. You may be too bad. But I see the thing that about that was said I had always lived on that fart never the only place I never gone was Michigan to visit my folks. My mother's family was in Michigan in the

19:18 So that was the only place I've ever been. So when Chuck and I got married and he talked about going to California. I was thrilled, you know what to think that cuz I had taken the right courses that I could so I could teach in California was one of the things I've done cuz you know, I didn't know it was going to get married and has a single person you wanted to go to California cuz that was something back in the I graduated from college in 57.

19:51 So you had a plan to go to California eventually, but I never felt bad about moving cuz we were getting to see new places and we lived in interesting places in California and Colorado, Fort Collins, Colorado and then down here.

20:17 And I know there's been a lot of things maybe.

20:22 To make up for moving you so many times I had to to make friends in several different places at several different points in my life pretty shy by Nature. So I don't think it was good for me to kind of be, you know, and you made friends easily. I think didn't you?

20:52 I don't know how it feel like it was okay, but you never made a lot of friends. I don't think but you made good friends. You are always good at standing back and looking up things and that's how you learn to swim. I think they're in the apartment are in the townhouses for panda. So I think that you got cuz we went swimming all the time cuz I could make so much and that you just stood back and got in the water. You didn't try anything and saw how the other kids were doing it and everything and I remember Chuck was the one that pointed that out to me that you just stand back and take a look at things and figuring it out and you did start to swim then.

21:52 Little water

21:55 You mentioned the Fort Collins where we lived from about 68 or 69 to move down here. So we were in Fort Collins during a relief cannabis sleepy at the time. It was kind of a sleepy college town maybe 50,000 people. Maybe I'm not sure what that big but it could have been could have been a big place where you learn to farm and one of the very few in the country and I missed all that there was

22:49 I'm at college campus this lot of things happening is happening all over all over the country burn down omate. I'm not sure anybody ever found out that could be it could be and we might have been maybe a little more aware of it and some of the other counties because we had college students who are ruined ruined known something about it in, California.

23:20 What I was trying to think that was when civil they had the sit-in in where it was back in the South and where the lady wouldn't get up and give her seat Rosa Parks and they boycotted the bus lines, you know and everything right and that was going on while we lived in Glendora California and there are lots of things that happened in what they called South Central there were fires and all kinds of instruments. Yes. So, you know that made us may be more aware that other people in Colorado. I remember as a kid going with Dad to the Montgomery Ward's department store. Not too far from where we lived in Glendora.

24:18 And I'm and he was scared like a lot of people would he wanted to buy a gun and they would not sell him one right only time we ever talked about and it was probably a good thing that he didn't get it cuz I don't like guns. You didn't even like fireworks on the 4th of July. Yes that used to scare him cuz it sounded somewhat like

24:49 Firing a gun, I guess a couple days ago about that time that we went to see a mariachi music group The the Spanish name that it's translation of the little monkeys of Tucson from Tucson homes for 6 years.

25:28 And I don't know when it was a lovely evening or side and the reason they had done it wasn't so that these kids they were all boys as I recall and there was a priest traveling with them and they made money for scholarships for college for them for themselves. And I remember they had to be called a guitar out the big bass instrument. Yes. Is that what they call it the guitar? And that was the first time and sent you played bass for

26:16 You were really interested in it, and I remember that.

26:25 After the concert, I don't know why I got to talking to those people but it was the man who did the arrangements for the group and we got to talking and found out that I was from Illinois and of

26:41 The community with this farming Community had the church in a house where Lincoln slept but he was on his circuit get that into and though.

26:55 Now, I forgot what I was going to say talking to the man who did the arrangements that he knew about this little community that some of his family had owned that farm where the house was that Lincoln had slept in and I think the man was a senator from someplace back East his I don't know Uncle or whoever but they used to come out there and visit when he was a kid know of anybody knowing something about Lily Illinois. It's just unfathomable to me. I was really

27:32 Really surprised but that was we enjoyed the concert and I remember when we go back and visit the farm near, Mackinaw, Illinois.

27:44 You were trying to explain to me that there was an even smaller town I went to was in Lily one room School.

28:03 Depended on the kids, but it could have been all eight grades.

28:10 And no one teacher.

28:14 And I always felt that that was the reason I wanted to be a teacher was because by the time I was probably in the 4th grade, the teacher would have me take the kids out to the cloak room or in the library or somewhere not just me other kids to to have the younger kids read to us. That's for sure. How many kids altogether do you think she probably had? Oh, I think sometimes there could have been 25 to 30 kids inconsistent then right, right.

28:53 But that was something to so much different. I don't think the one teacher having 30 kids and eighth grades is a good idea, but there were things about school. You heard the a repetition every year you'd hear something when you were such and such great and by the time he got dates grade. Maybe you'd remember it. So you didn't get just pushed through to the next year.

29:27 One thing I wanted to ask you about going back to Fort Collins is if you remember having any second thoughts about a dad taking me to an event at the at the University where I am Gloria Steinem and Betty for Dan and Shirley Chisholm, we're all going to speak.

29:51 And then took your dad end of the work for the University named but I think he also did some other probably journalism related or publicly related. But I remember that really clearly do you remember what the women said? Probably not.

30:38 Shirley Chisholm said that she was tired of abortion laws being legislated by a bunch of old men who couldn't perform sexually, but she used to euphemism. You didn't have any second thoughts about it. Cuz we were talking about probably 10 11 12 thousand people there to see them speak the thing. I remember about the was it the gymnasium where who was the group that you stood outside and listen to that was in the band Chicago, Chicago, and he didn't have the money to buy ticket and you were probably in 7th or 8th grade then weren't you and we didn't live far from campus.

31:37 So he went down there and listen to them from the outside and then waited to see them leave right so that you got to see him and I always thought that was great. Have a great guy. Probably remember more about that concert than I do. A lot of the concerts were actually got to go another concert that I got to see inside was was Dave Brubeck and his sons and you bought tickets for me to see him perform at the Denver Symphony. They came up from Denver and okay Dave Brubeck in his sons played and it was a I remember that really why I think think you might even bought a ticket for a friend of mine to go with me. I you did really

32:25 Do we were where was the other place where we saw the quartet? Was it from Chicago? What was the Chicago Jazz? Okay wasn't performing at the field house which was different. It was different than the gymnasium at the time. It had a dirt floor or blanket would bring a blanket to sit up. I just remember as we walked up to the door. The air was just full of dust and maybe other things and but I know we both enjoyed the concert, you know, I don't have that much memory of that concert and

33:09 And now, you know a little bit about about the art Ensemble of Chicago the other really noisy kind of jazz. I don't remember that. You know that something else that I saw for. The first time in Fort Collins was it was a big band one night. They had a concert by the Airmen of note which is the Air Force and I'm Jasmine and that's all they do. They don't March they don't, you know do any kind of military stuff. They just work and work and work. I'm being the best jazz band they can't and you know, some people might say they're not the world's greatest syllabus, but when it comes to Precision Ensemble playing there they were spectacular.

34:09 Stop and think about how it was kind of tucked off in the middle of nowhere, you know an hour north of Denver and then really nothing north of that hearing 40 miles to Cheyenne back. Then was just played for the wind blew and going north from there. We used to go and take day trips into the mountains and everything that were just wonderful. Remember the time that Beth wanted to take us all back to the old lady called ghost town that she had gone to class trip at the memory of that and she couldn't find it anywhere we drove around and then we got to this place of that. There was a creek.

34:58 And that was when we had that little red VW car and so check that out and looked at the saw that it had a rock bottom or something. So and it wasn't very deep and so we went across it.

35:16 And so then we came to it again this Creek or river must have just been like a serpent and

35:27 So then we've I don't know which time it was but Dad got out to look again cuz he was afraid to cross it. Okay, if there was something and dad knew him or you're kidding no check new every weekday evening whenever people ask me to try to describe dad. I ask them if they've ever seen the movie tribute with Jack Lemmon. Have you ever seen it but tribute cuz you know dad already but there's a movie called tribute with a with Jack Lemmon and Jack Lemmon. Pretty much was his dad helped me. I'll have to see if I can get it sometime. That wasn't his best friend.

36:25 Did it but he didn't treat like you known him forever that makes me think of that. There was a coffee shop not far from the house and we've gone there to meet my brother Dave who lived in Fort Collins before we did when we left there were plates that have been taken off.

36:45 Turn the tables and there was a big piece of steak.

36:49 On this one and check this leaned over and picked it up and eat it and I was so embarrassed. But I also thought it was funny was doing that to get your goat or I don't know. I don't know. It just look like a good piece of steak. I guess I could be something that you inherited cuz you sure look like him and Kristen looks like my side of the family cuz he still has hair back and looks like he's 20 still and all my brother's butt.

37:46 Best and everybody says he looks she looks like me, but I think she's

37:58 Lots of good times

38:09 That we've missed.

38:13 Oh tell the tell the story about Chris being upset by the lightning. This was in Fort Collins and Chuck was umpiring somewhere.

38:25 In the bad Mountain rain storm in the evening. I guess it was and it was lightning and thundering and really quite of bad rain storm. And we had a carport and Chris went out on the carport and was waiting for Chuck and crying cuz he saw that Dad had been hurt it could be but he wasn't very old and nobody could convince him to come back in the house until Chuck at home. And so I don't think Chuck ever told him but the lightning did strike close to them and he said some of the girls that were playing ball is their hair done up. You always told me to tell the story was that the lightning actually struck the metal spikes that held the pitcher's mound in place rubber.

39:25 Not that that's driven into the ground with a couple of steaks case of the lightning actually struck that state. I know it was closed. You should know on Chris's partner. I've never felt like I was connected much to to Mystical stuff, but that's a story that always makes me think maybe have something to it.

39:53 You know, I know if this wasn't the easiest thing in the world for you to do it and I kind of signed us up for it Without Really asking you for your permission, but it was it was fun. And I'm glad I didn't cry too much. Of the hats and I'm okay with that. I'm not as bad as I used to be but I still look at it and I sure feel better after I do just in this 40 minutes or so. I've learned things that I that I didn't know. Okay. Thanks Mom. That's the reason I made the list.

40:40 It was my pleasure.