Christina Laufer and Ryan Nebeker

Recorded January 28, 2011 Archived January 27, 2011 39:19 minutes
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Christina Laufer (27) talks with her brother Ryan Nebeker (30) about their grandparents.

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Ryan asks Christina how will they keep Nana (grandmother) and Tata’s (grandfather’s) memory alive for their kids.
Christina talks about tata being in a home due to Alzheimer’s. He does not remembers his family but remembers his sayings.
Ryan talks about how they have had to become adults not just grandchildren because of grandfather’s illness. They talk about the moment when they realized that change.
Ryan loves that his parents and grandparents look to him and trust him but its hard too. Ryan talks about his Nana’s cookbook and how he hopes to get that one day.
Ryan talks about the smells that remind him of Nana, cinnamon gum. Christina talks about Tata and the smell of dirty dish rags.


  • Christina Laufer
  • Ryan Nebeker

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