Leora Ferguson Ciccone and Luann Ferguson Ciccone

Recorded February 25, 2011 Archived February 23, 2011 43:53 minutes
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Leora Ferguson Ciccone, 96, talks to her daughter Luann Ferguson Ciccone, 56, about her life and careers in the military and nursing.

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LeFC remembers the Depression. Her father was a carpenter who once nearly died on pneumonia.
LeFC’s mother was a great nurse despite not having formal training. Her father was a very able, hard-working man.
LeFC enlisted in the military; she was a Waac. She made sure to never do anything “immoral.”
LeFC, a private first class, was sent to Egypt. She had a great time there.
Friends convinced LeFC to move to New York, where she became a nurse. She was the oldest person in her class.
LeFC met her husband while in her thirties. He was divorced. They married three months after meeting, stayed married for 27 years until his death.


  • Leora Ferguson Ciccone
  • Luann Ferguson Ciccone

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