Ann Akana and Tricia Grant

Recorded June 1, 2011 Archived June 1, 2011 40:31 minutes
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Ann Akana (66) talks with her friend and former teacher Tricia L. Grant (29) about her family and what it means to be Hawaiian.

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A’s favorite uncle, her father’s brother, taught her to be self-sufficient. His lessons prepared her for the 15 years she spent living as a hermit.
A talks about her other uncles: 1) one who delivered a sermon to President Nixon about aloha and was responsible for coining the “Aloha state” phrase, 2) one who was friends with a king, and 3) one who is a Senator.
A tells T about her grandmother, who used to allow travelers to come into her home to refresh themselves.
A talks about how spending time alone allows her to replenish her energy so she can give back to others. Aloha means giving from the heart and not expecting anything in return.
A tells T about growing up on a plantation. When A was 12, she lost the ability to walk and was bedridden for 2 years. She recovered after her grandfather prescribed lying in the sun and visualizing mobility.
A and T remember how/when they met.


  • Ann Akana
  • Tricia Grant

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