Lily Horio and Shari Tamashiro

Recorded June 4, 2011 Archived June 4, 2011 43:22 minutes
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Lily Horio (81) talks with her friend Shari Tamashiro (38) about her family and growing up in Hawaii during WWII.

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L remembers not feeling afraid because her parents didn’t panic. Shohei Miyasato, Fumiko Kuchiki. L’s older brother in Japan studying at a temple at beginning of WWII.
Ji Koan Hongwanji. Reverend Yamasato. L’s family moved to temple because the Reverend had no family.
L remembers her relative helping her find her mother’s birthplace and meeting a woman who knew L’s parents.
L remembers her dad coming home and not knowing what he’d done.
Jimmy Miyasoto - L’s brother, used to be 3rd from the bottom in his class and comforting his mother about the other other 2 mothers. L sees her dad in Jimmy as an intermediary.


  • Lily Horio
  • Shari Tamashiro

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