Nadine Newlight and Eloise Melzer

Recorded June 14, 2011 Archived June 14, 2011 39:25 minutes
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Nadine (Nai’a) Newlight (66) talks with facilitator Eloise Melzer (30) about growing up in New York City, September 11, and her mentors in life.

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N used to be a tour guide who went to the World Trade Center frequently. N talks about why se loved the World Trade Center.
N describes New York as a City. N describes NYC post-9/11.
N remembers the first Earth Day in Central Park. N was a middle school science and environmental educator.
N’s mom was a ballroom dancer. N remembers performing for guests to her parents’ apartment.
N talks about her performance career and hopes to make transformational theater.


  • Nadine Newlight
  • Eloise Melzer

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