Linda Tirico and Erin Dickey

Recorded August 8, 2011 Archived August 8, 2011 24:41 minutes
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Linda Tirico (57) speaks with Erin Dickey, Facilitator, about the progress of her work life and her current unemployment. Her theme was to discuss who she is today.

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LT: “My resume reads like a novel”
LT discusses primary career as ER Trauma tech throughout the country
LT discusses being a “church planter”
LT discusses an invention called “Hold This”, an attachable detachable handle, for which she has a pending patent in application three years ago
LT discusses current unemployment as a result of quitting previous job to accept a new position in Omaha. As she was leaving her driveway to move there, she received a call notifying her that they had cancelled her at-will contract.
LT’s friend told her: “If you are not working now and are over 55, it is likely that you will never work again”.


  • Linda Tirico
  • Erin Dickey

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