Edward Chang and Virginia Lora

Recorded December 15, 2011 Archived December 15, 2011 39:48 minutes
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Edward Chang (55) tells SC Facilitator, Virginia Lora (26), about his experience living through the 1992 L.A. Riots and how the Korean community changed and redefined itself after the riots.

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Chang talks about getting Ph.D. and focusing on Korean/Black race relations. He says that by default he publicly represented Korean merchants while and after 1992 L.A. Riots.
Chang talks about coming to the U.S. from South Korea and learning English.
He tells the story of how he first was introduced to race relations in the U.S. when he joined the U.S. military, later he studied sociology and became interested in U.S. race relations.
He compares the streets of L.A. to the streets of Beirut in that it seemed like a warzone.
Because Koreans wanted to defend their businesses the media portrayed them as vigilantes. He remembers being asked to talks about the Riots at UC Berkeley and breaking down and getting emotional.
Explains SAIGU stands for April 29 and it is comparable to Korean-Americans to 9/11. He explains how the community changed and redefined itself after the Riots.
Chang talks about his current academic work as the Director of the Young-Oak Kim Korean-American Research Center at UC Riverside. He talks about who Young Oak was, his legacy and how he wants to continue his legacy.


  • Edward Chang
  • Virginia Lora

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