Robin Loucks and Spirit Trickey

Recorded April 18, 2012 Archived April 19, 2012 56:08 minutes
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Robin Woods Loucks (71) talks with Spirit Trickey (32) about her experience as a student sympathetic to integration at Central High School during the 1957 desegregation crisis. ST's mother, Minniejean Brown, was one of the Little Rock Nine, and one of RL's classmates.

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RL spent part of her childhood in Lima, Peru. She recalls moving to Little Rock and being told she shouldn't sit at the back of the bus, an order she thought was peculiar.
The first day of school in 1957 was a shock. RL had never seen such total disorder in the crowds of protestors outside Central High School.
RL's first encounter with one of the Little Rock Nine was in algebra class. She noticed Terrence Roberts didn't have a book, so she pushed her desk over to share hers.
RL later found out that Terrence's book had been stolen in gym class.
RL describes Minniejean Brown, ST's mother. ST tells a story about Minniejean getting suspended and then expelled.
RL describes how she came to be on Oprah Winfrey's television show.
RL remembers hearing the Little Rock Nine talk about seeing her in the halls--they always knew she would be smiling at them.


  • Robin Loucks
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