Inez Simmons, Stephanie West, and Ashley West

Recorded February 23, 2014 Archived February 23, 2014 39:52 minutes
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Daughter, Stephanie West (53) and granddaughter, Ashley West (27) have a conversation with their grandmother/mother Inez Simmons (82) her family and life experiences in Virginia.

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I talks about her early and adolescent life in Virginia. I remembers her pony Nida who was given away by her father.
I remembers the first car her father bought her, "Little Lulu."
I describes her parents. Her father was a dentist and mother was a banker.
I remembers going to church as a child and later singing in the church choir.
I talks about the dance where she met her first husband Tony.
I remembers Tony, who was a pilot navigator. He passed away on a plan accident.
I talks about her decision to go back to school after Tony's passing. I talks about meeting her second husband who was a teacher and a farmer. They were married three months after they met.
I talks about the birth of her three children; Stephanie, James and Wayne.
I talks about her last husband, James who passed away in January 2013.
I talks about the trips her and James took once he was retired.
I talks about S and how she was the most behaved.
I talks about her grandmother, "Big I" and her uncle Bille; they were her favorite relatives.
I remembers going with her dad to the dentist office.
I remember her time as a teacher. She talks about one of her most misbehaved students, Eddie.
I talks about living in the "village" in Gainesville to be closer to A and S.


  • Inez Simmons
  • Stephanie West
  • Ashley West

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