Rita Dozier and Dolly Sickles

Recorded May 5, 2014 Archived May 5, 2014 36:18 minutes
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Rita Dozier, 66, talks with her daughter, Dolly Sickles, 41, about her childhood and raising Dolly as a single working mother.

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DS had a teacher that told her she was not going to amount to anything because she came from a broken home.
DS remembers going to RD's jewelry box and seeing POW bracelet that she had been given while living in Germany.
RD always wanted to a librarian, she reads so much.
RD remembers going on road trips with her dad. Her mom would make a big meal and her dad would eat it right away. She remembers picking up a hitchhiker.
RD tells DS that she is her biggest achievement. The best day was the day she was born.
Now they volunteer together on various causes.
Advice: Love and humor will get you through anything.


  • Rita Dozier
  • Dolly Sickles

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