Gary Stark and Anne Stark

Recorded July 5, 2014 Archived July 5, 2014 37:54 minutes
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Gary Stark (48) and Anne Stark (48) tell how they came to live and work in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and why they love it.

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Gary Stark talks about living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as a young child.
Anne Stark remembers a vacation she and GS took to the U.P. when they were newly married. "It was the most beautiful place I'd ever seen," says AS.
AS and GS talk about living in Duluth, MN.
GS explains how he and AS found jobs at Northern Michigan University and they were able to fulfill their dream of moving to the North Woods.
They talk about what they like about living in Marquette.
AS talks about Yooper friendliness and sisu. "You never know who's going to have to jump start your car at 3 am, so you're nice to everybody."
AS talks about being marketing director at NMU and the recent controversy at the university about a change in marketing strategy.


  • Gary Stark
  • Anne Stark

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Peter White Public Library

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