Spencer Wiggins and Ebony Wiggins

Recorded April 4, 2016 Archived April 4, 2016 37:46 minutes
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Ebony Wiggins (24) interviews her father, Staff Sergeant Spencer Wiggins (69) about his experiences in the Vietnam War and his transition back home.

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Staff Sergeant Spencer Wiggins (69) describes to his daughter, Ebony Wiggins (24) the type of young person he was with a care-free attitude and volunteered to join the military.
SW shares that standing in American soil was some what traumatic and tells he was very cautious of things.
SW tells that he didn't think going away would turn out the way that it did.
SW talks about surprising his family and seeing them for the first time after he arrived.
SW tells that it took time fro him to feel "normal" again.
SW shares how difficult it is for him to see the wall in DC and how he knows he will get around to it at one point.
SW:"We need to do more than say, thank you for your service." SW talks about being more consciences about the people that serve.
SW reflects his views on the Iraq war.


  • Spencer Wiggins
  • Ebony Wiggins

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