Kim Cornelius and Jim Seaver

Recorded June 7, 2017 Archived June 7, 2017 42:05 minutes
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Jim Seaver (35) interviews his coworker, Kim Cornelius (71) about his early childhood and being the child of deaf adults.

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Jim Seaver (35) begins to ask his coworker, Kim Cornelius (71) about the first time they met and his fascination about his life after seeing a photo.
KC talks about his parents who were both deaf meeting for the first time at the Indiana School for The Deaf.
KC tells his mother, Mary Elizabeth didn't go back to the school and his father, Damon Howard ended up graduating and decided to go look for her, writing her letters but wouldn't get any response.
KC talks about his grandmother protecting her daughter and not passing along the letters, she later changed her mind about his father after seeing how far he traveled to see her.
KC talks about another man who was also courting ME during the same time his father was and how he showed up after learning that DH had passed away.
KC on his mother's relationship with "Evil Dewey" and his parents relationship.
KC on learning how to speak and how to use sign language, he tells that he is more expressive.
KC describes the pranks he used to pull and how devious he was during parent-teacher conference.
KC talks about the time he was six, receiving a telegram that his brother had died in the war and how he had to explain that to his mother.
KC talks about his responsibility to learn respect and how he wouldn't change his childhood and how enriching it was for him.


  • Kim Cornelius
  • Jim Seaver

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