Kristen Glenn and Jane Nicolet

Recorded May 4, 2018 Archived May 4, 2018 38:15 minutes
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Friends, Kristen Glenn [no age given] and Jane Nicolet [no age given], reflect on meeting through Kristen's non-profit, Three Hopeful Hearts, created for bereaved parents and families suffering the loss of a child, and their recent collaboration which lead to Jane's book, "Finding Grace: Journeys in Grief, Courage, and Healing." Together, they discuss grief, healing, and remember their sons; Zachary Dean Glenn and Matthew Christopher Ayres.

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:30 Jane Nicolet (J) talks about in the context in which she met Kristen Glenn (K) and about what their friendship brought into their life.
K talks about the personal impact of bring able to tell the story of the loss of her son.
K talks about what she'd want medical care givers and people to know about grief.
K talks about how her life has been enriched through their partnership.
:09 K talks about her son, Zachary Dean Glenn.
J talks about her son, Matthew Christopher Ayers.
K and J talk about grief.


  • Kristen Glenn (b. 1967)
  • Jane Nicolet (b. 1944)

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New Belgium Brewing Company

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