Hayley Randol and Crystal Pepperdine

Recorded August 16, 2019 Archived August 16, 2019 39:44 minutes
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Friends and colleagues Hayley Randol (33) and Crystal Pepperdine (37) talk about meeting through the arts and crafts community, the impacts their efforts have had on the Flint community, and the friendships that have formed because of their group, Yarn Brigade.

Subject Log / Time Code

HR and CP talk about meeting each other.
CP talks about a crocheting program at her organization called the Yarn Brigade.
CP talks about traveling for arts and crafts fairs and festivals.
CP talks about pieces that have been in arts and craft fairs and festivals.
CP recalls some friendships that have come from the Yarn Brigade group.
HR explains her job at a local bakery.
CP talks about HR's kids.
HR presents an idea she had for Yarn Brigade.


  • Hayley Randol (b. 1986)
  • Crystal Pepperdine (b. 1982)

Recording Location

Flint Institute of Arts