Eric Thomas and Jessica Sackman

Recorded August 19, 2019 Archived August 19, 2019 37:38 minutes
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Eric Patrick Thomas (42) and his friend and assistant Jessica June Sackman (35) talk about memorable moments from their 7 years working together at Eric's business, EZ Awareness by Design, which creates apparel, signage, and clothing with an emphasis on awareness for people living with barriers and or disabilities.

Subject Log / Time Code

1:45 J and E recall J's first day of work, telling the story of how she tripped over his wheelchair ramp and accidentally punched him in the face.

6:00 J and E recall a day that they'd forgotten a deadline and scrambled to produce a T-shirt order during their lunch break.

10:10 J on how she came to work for E's graphic design company; E on the challenge of finding someone to be his graphic artist and personal assistant.

13:00 J and E discuss their company's "Inspire" brand, and the reactions and success they've had with it.

20:40 J and E recall a challenging journey flying Delta to Washington D.C. to address both houses of Congress on entrepreneurs with disability and charitable giving; they discuss the mechanics of transporting E through their airport and checking his motorized wheelchair with the other flight luggage and how frustrating it was.

32:45 J and E discuss how the best part of their work is creating opportunities for skill-building for other individuals living with disabilities.


  • Eric Thomas (b. 1977)
  • Jessica Sackman (b. 1984)

Recording Location

Flint Institute of Arts