“Me and a million other kids wanted to be an astronaut.” an interview with Doug Archer

Recorded February 22, 2019 Archived February 22, 2019 20:41 minutes
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Doug Archer has a rock collection, only he’s never actually held any of the stones, and they are hundreds of millions of miles away on Mars. As a research scientist working with the Curiosity Mars rover in NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Archer’s day to day job is looking at images with a team that is usually the first to see aspects of Mars from a particular vantage point. This can often include examining rocks – in some cases rubble piles which are out of place on the red planet’s surface, possibly moving there due to an asteroid collision in the past or some other activity.

Looking to the future, Archer hopes to continue one with the Curiosity mission, which is currently sending its rover up a three-kilometer mountain at a painstakingly slow pace, stopping to examine more rocks in his distant collection along the way. (Recorded 12 December 2018)


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