Me, My Mom, and I: A Story of Timeless Traditions, Memories, and Influence

Recorded September 7, 2020 Archived September 7, 2020 21:16 minutes
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I, Elise Spenner, interviewed my mother about crucial aspects of her life. Our conversation began with her childhood, with family traditions, with the interesting stories from our past. Her favorite memories all revolve around shared moments with family, in nature, helping me realize how I cherish the same moments and values that she does. We continued talking, and she described how much she learned from her boss at the music industry. She discovered the value of crafting relationships, of gutsy decisions, of honing creativity, and I see her use these skills every single day. After leaving my father, she honed in on the most important things in her life, one being to ensure that her children reached their potential. She reminded me that I have nothing to prove: that I have so much to accomplish, but that I was worthy and deserving from the day I was born. Closing out, she tells me her legacy will be the tangible things she creates, but also the people and careers she influences.


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