Megan Grandstaff and Becky Kidd

Recorded November 17, 2019 Archived November 19, 2019 28:47 minutes
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Megan Grandstaff (35) and her colleague Becky Kidd (51) talk about their involvement as volunteer fixers at Community Glue Workshop, a free monthly community repair clinic in Chicago.

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BK talks about how she started participating in Community Glue repair clinic as a volunteer fixer.
MG talks about the first time she came into the clinic and BK fixed her lamp, and she ended up sewing something for someone that night and was asked to come back the next time. She talks about all the coats and sweaters she repairs for people in the winter in Chicago.
BK talks about how MG's approachable nature and friendliness sometimes attracts the creepiest people.
BK describes the things that can be fixed and some of the things that cannot be repaired. She says what she loves about the clinic is that they'll look at anything.
BK describes her most memorable repair: a "mannequin piss decanter."
MG talks about how volunteering at the clinic has made her good at saying "no." They talk about how they sometimes have to draw a line when it comes to what repair projects they will take on.
BK talks about the art of "teasing out the questions" to get to the heart of what's wrong with a thing.
BK talks about how people have gotten away from working with their hands these days. She talks about how people at Community Glue all learn from each other and are open to trying to fix anything. She says, "If I fail, well, it was broken anyway."
MG talks about how people she knows always ask her to fix their stuff, and how she encourages and empowers them to do it themselves.


  • Megan Grandstaff (b. 1984)
  • Becky Kidd (b. 1968)

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Community Glue Workshop

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