Megan McCormick and her mother Jennifer McCormick discuss growing up, family traditions, and developing one's identity.

Recorded November 30, 2017 Archived November 30, 2017 40:23 minutes
Id: APP429858


In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Gallatin, Tennessee, Megan McCormick (17) interviews her mother Jennifer McCormick (44) about what life was like for her growing up in the 70s as a part of a family with traditions that date back over a century ago and continents away. Jennifer shares stories of her Polish heritage, her parents and grandparents and their journeys to the United States, and what it was like developing her own personal and political identity in the midst of a changing America. Jennifer details the lives of her grandparents and parents, and their experiences with World War II, the Vietnam War, and immigration to America in the early 1900s. They discuss what it was lIke to live through events such as the Challenger explosion and the falling of the Berlin Wall, and attempts to discern and develop both personal beliefs and political beliefs at that time.


  • Megan McCormick
  • Jennifer McCormick

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