Melanie Hellesen and Hazel Diaz

Recorded April 14, 2022 Archived April 14, 2022 35:46 minutes
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Melanie Hellesen (48) shares her experiences as a military spouse and nurse with conversation partner Hazel Diaz (35).

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Melanie talks about meeting her husband Denzil, her first impressions of him, and the early days of their relationship.
Melanie talks about marrying her active duty Air Force husband and having faith in their relationship through 39 consecutive months of deployments.
Melanie talks about what the military does — and could be doing — to meet the needs of its families, especially its young families.
Melanie talks about her children, who are both in their twenties now.
Melanie talks about what she thinks her husband will miss most in his retirement from the Air Force.
Melanie talks about some of her favorite places that her family has been stationed.
Melanie talks about the professional challenges she faced as a military spouse constantly moving from place to place, and she talks about why she became a nurse.
Melanie talks about the resource constraints that nurses face, and she shares her advice to young nurses.
Melanie reflects on what she’d want her sons to know about their father’s service and the lives that they’ve lived.
Melanie and Hazel reflect on the unique patriotism and challenges of being a military spouse.


  • Melanie Hellesen
  • Hazel Diaz


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