Melissa Bent and Michael Phelan

Recorded March 4, 2023 Archived March 4, 2023 27:38 minutes
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Spouses Melissa Bent [no age given] and Michael Phelan [no age given] tell the story of how they met in the art world, their journey moving to and living in Marfa, Texas, and the reasons they stay in Marfa.

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Melissa Bent (MB) shares how she and Michael Phelan (MP) first met.
MB remembers feeling nervous around MP when she visited his studio.
MB and MP remember MB planning her visit to Marfa and not being able to drive. They recall MP agreeing to drive three hours to pick her up from the airport.
MP and MB reflect on how their paths had been crossing for years in New York City before they formally met.
MB and MP talk about their decision to move from New York City to Marfa.
MB talks about how events come together in Marfa.
MP reflects on Marfa being geographically remote but connected to contemporary art and culture.


  • Melissa Bent
  • Michael Phelan

Recording Locations

Marfa Public Library