Melissa Ewing and Deborah McNemee

Recorded August 12, 2023 Archived August 12, 2023 47:49 minutes
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One Small Step partners Melissa Ewing-Widiger (47) and Deborah Mcnemee (54) have a conversation about religion, abortion, and social issues that they have faced.

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Deborah Mcnemee (DM) Melissa Ewing-Widiger (MEW) discuss why they decided to participate in a One Small Step conversation.
DM talks about how she views patriotism and the melting pot that is America.
MEW talks about the changes that her political party have gone through.
DM discusses being diagnosed with ADHD.
MEW looks at how her faith impacts her political views.
DM talks about her feelings and beliefs pertaining to abortions.
DM and MEW talk about what has brought them joy of late.
DM discusses her job as a teacher and the challenges that many teachers face.
MEW talks about the Barrack Obama presidency.
DM and MEW talk about the Governor and how they feel their local politics are going.


  • Melissa Ewing
  • Deborah McNemee

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