“Mentoring makes me happy, I never tire of it.” A conversation with Alicia Hoffman.

Recorded July 11, 2022 Archived July 11, 2022 19:11 minutes
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Alicia Hoffman is a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. She is studying air quality and how to model the chemistry that impacts our air, using the Community Multi-scale Air Quality Model — developed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Prior to attending UW Madison, she worked with Dr. Don Blake at the University of California – Irvine studying landfill emissions for her Master of Science (M.S). She earned her Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Chemistry and Anthropology from Beloit College.
Over the summer, Alicia joins the SaSa (Student Airborne Science Activation) program as a graduate student mentor for the first undergraduate cohort, all students from SaSa come from minority-serving institutions. More information about SaSa can be found at nasa.gov/sasa.


  • Alicia Hoffman
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