Meredith Dank and Amy Farrell

Recorded May 11, 2021 Archived May 10, 2021 40:54 minutes
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Friends and research colleagues Dr. Meredith Dank [no age given] and Dr. Amy Farrell (48) talk about the complexities of anti-trafficking work and the discoveries they have made in their research on human trafficking. They talk about the methods used in their research, the possibilities of innovative solutions to prevent human trafficking, and share advice with those who are considering getting involved with anti-trafficking work.

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AF and MD both discuss how they initially got involved with anti-trafficking work.
MD discusses some of the central questions in anti-trafficking work today.
AF talks about the "framing techniques" of anti-trafficking work and how often only a certain type of "victim" is represented in order to get support for anti-trafficking legislation and policies. She discusses the nuance of the "innocent victim" and "nefarious offender" stereotypes.
MD and AF talk about the complexities of viewing human trafficking through the lens of criminal justice.
MD talks about the limits within anti-trafficking work, and weighs some pros and cons of innovative strategies in terms of the helpfulness or likelihood to cause more harm.
AF discusses the fact that the root of human trafficking is a failure to recognize the humanity of others.
AF shares a memory of a survivor she once worked with whose resilience inspires her.
Both AF and MD give advice to those who are interested in or planning on working in anti-trafficking.


  • Meredith Dank
  • Amy Farrell

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