Michael Floyd and Melissa Price

Recorded February 16, 2023 Archived February 16, 2023 50:26 minutes
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One Small Step partners Michael Floyd (54) and Melissa Price (57) talk about the challenging circumstances that they lived through as children, the formation of their belief systems, and their relationships with faith.

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Michael and Melissa talk about why they wanted to participate in One Small Step and they read each other’s bios.
Melissa and Michael talk about their childhoods in Maryland and Florida, respectively.
Michael talks about his father’s work in law enforcement in Tampa and the circumstances that led to his father being shot at his doorstep.
Melissa reflects on the loss of her brothers when she was a teenager. She talks about the role of her church in supporting her family.
They talk about how the circumstances that they have lived through impacted their approaches to life.
Michael tells the story of how he ended up at a high school that put him on the path toward college. He reflects on the origins of his tenacity.
Melissa talks about the experiences that shaped her faith and political beliefs.
Melissa and Michael talk about their earliest exposure to political causes.
Michael talks about finding his faith and the impact of his faith on his political views.
Michael and Melissa talk about their parents’ political views and their family educational backgrounds.
Melissa talks about how exposure to different kinds of people through youth group retreats and mission trips informed her world view. She talks about passing those lessons onto her own children.
Michael reflects on his own experience being exposed to different life circumstances from a young age.
Michael talks about his sister, who has nonverbal autism. He reflects on planning for her future care.
Melissa talks about her experience having aging parents.
They reflect on their One Small Step conversation.


  • Michael Floyd
  • Melissa Price

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