Michael Kelly and Peggy Kelly

Recorded April 22, 2022 Archived April 22, 2022 36:41 minutes
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Spouses, Michael Kelly (73) and Peggy Kelly (75), talk about Michael's military service in the Military Police, his upbringing, and their time in Grafenwöhr, Germany.

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MK shares his upbringing in Jersey City, NJ. His parents were both WWII veterans.
MK shares how we told his parents about his interest in ROTC to go to college. He attended North Georgia College to see what it was like living in the South.
MK talks about his Military Police Training.
MK talks about his deployment to Grafenwöhr.
MK shares how him and PK met in Grafenwöhr and considered their future together for his next assignment.
MK remembers when his parents visited him while deployed in Germany.
PK asks MK about their life in Fort Dix, NJ.
MK shares that he left active duty because he did not think it would be fair to compete with Vietnam veterans. He shares his transition from military to Department of State.


  • Michael Kelly
  • Peggy Kelly

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