Michael McGiboney and Jeff McGiboney

Recorded March 16, 2022 Archived March 16, 2022 40:15 minutes
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Brothers Michael McGiboney [no age given] and Jeff MicGiboney (50) share their family’s history with Parkinson’s Disease. They discuss how it affected their grandmother and father, and Michael shares his own experiences with Parkinson’s.

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Michael (M) discusses his grandmother’s experience with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) in the 1980s. He says he was in pharmacy school and had a hard time finding information about PD.
Jeff (J) talks about how their father became their grandmother’s caregiver, and shares how she passed away. He also says that their father was diagnosed with PD when he was 60 years old and compares it to his grandmother’s experience.
M remembers an instance in which he witnessed his grandmother having a hallucination.
J shares what his dad’s experience with PD was like and how he received care as it progressed. J also talks about the hallucinations and delusions his father had.
M and J talk about the changes they noticed in their father leading up to his PD diagnosis, and how it affected his work life.
J recalls the bike accident that became a big turning point in their father’s life. J discusses when their father could no longer drive, and then having to get him long-term care.
M and J compare the levels of support that their grandmother, father and now M have had.
M talks about reading about other people’s experiences with PD, such as Michael J. Fox.
M shares how he began to realize he might have PD because of his tremors, and J remembers noticing it as well.
M remembers when he received his PD diagnosis, and talks about sharing his story.


  • Michael McGiboney
  • Jeff McGiboney

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