Michael Ostermiller and Nicole Ostermiller

Recorded October 3, 2022 Archived October 3, 2022 40:19 minutes
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Michael Ostermiller (50) shares a conversation with his daughter Nicole Ostermiller (21) about her journey navigating her queer identity. They also talk about coming out and the value of support.

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N recalls watching coming out videos on YouTube.
M talks about memory versus perspective and recalls reading a story to N when she was younger.
N describes processing her identity and talks about her feelings at the time.
M expresses how he felt like he couldn't fix N's pain.
N starts talking about her coming out experience.
N recalls telling her parents to come to therapy with her.
M recalls his perspective, feelings, and reaction towards N coming out.
N talks about the effort that came from her parents and addresses the fact that her parents loved her.
M talks about what he wishes he would have known while N was navigating her identity.
N gives advice to others and also gives a message to parents.
M give advice to parents and talks about unconditional love and support.


  • Michael Ostermiller
  • Nicole Ostermiller

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Weber County Library System - Main Library

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