Michael Reynolds and Deborah Binder

Recorded March 25, 2023 Archived March 25, 2023 36:51 minutes
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Deborah Binder [no age given] interviews her coworker and friend Michael Reynolds (77) about Earthships, legacy, and his perspective on life and the future.

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M explains Earthships, the philosophy behind them, and why he started building them in Taos, New Mexico.
M shares memories of building Earthships around the world. He reflects on how others view his work, and how he views the future.
D speaks about what inspires her. D and M discuss sharing what they have learned with future generations.
M reflects on how his cancer diagnosis has impacted him. He speaks about the parallels between the food and medical industries.
M speaks about what sustainable, autonomous homes can do for people and the benefit of growing your own food.
M looks to the future and explains his focus on the present. M reflects on his legacy, the afterlife, and what he would do if he weren't building Earthships.


  • Michael Reynolds
  • Deborah Binder

Recording Locations

Taos Public Library