Michael Sieler and Cory Brestler

Recorded August 13, 2022 Archived August 13, 2022 38:13 minutes
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Michael Sieler (68) and his spouse, Cory Brestler (55), tell the story of how they met.

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CB talks about being in a bad car wreck in Ireland.
CB talks about being off crutches 3 days before a family vacation on a cruise ship.
MS talks about going on a last-minute cruise and the tuxedo that he packed.
MS remembers seeing CB for the first time.
CB remembers their first meeting.
They talk about their first date.
They talk about how they got in contact with each other after the date was over.
MS talks about their second date, and meeting her parents right away.
They talk about parting ways after the cruise and staying in touch across borders, with MS in Boise, ID and CB in Calgary, Canada.
They remember meeting up in Chicago a few months after the cruise.
CB talks about having extended family in Boise, ID.
They talk about trips back and forth between their respective cities and getting engaged.
They talk about applying for a fiancee visa.
MS talks about planning their wedding.
CB talks about their wedding and they reflect on their story.
CB talks about reconnecting with a friend from her hometown that also lives in Boise.
CB talks about meeting MS’s son and the relationship they have.
They talk about the importance of having fun.


  • Michael Sieler
  • Cory Brestler

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