Michele Von Behren and Michael Von Behren

Recorded February 5, 2022 Archived February 5, 2022 39:28 minutes
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Michele Von Behren (58) shares a conversation with her spouse, Michael Von Behren (57), about how they first met, their children, trips they've taken together, and family history.

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Michele and Michael describe their memories of when they first met and first started dating.
Michele talks about getting married, and asks Michael if he was disappointed that she didn't want to leave Illinois. Michael describes the places he traveled to as a child.
Michele and Michael remember family dinners Michael's family used to have, and discuss how important they were.
Michele discusses her family and her interest in family history.
Michele and Michael remember a trip they took to Germany to visit the town Michael's family came from.
Michael and Michele remember a family trip to Rome. They describe their children.
Michele remembers taking a genealogy test that led her to her actual birth father and siblings.
Michelle describes her appreciation for the things her mother has done for her all her life. Michael talks about being thankful for their family.


  • Michele Von Behren
  • Michael Von Behren

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Center For Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation