Michelle Clements remembers visiting the St. George Library as a child with her grandmother

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Recording November 14, 2017 – As a young child at about the age of three, going to the library is one of Michelle ‘Micki’ Clements’ earliest memories. While visiting her grandmother in St. George, Utah, Micki went with her Grandmother Amelia Webb Wilson to story time at the St. George Library and it made quite an impression on Micki. She remembered the Mother Goose murals and the black-and-white checkered tile floor. During Micki’s 5th grade school year at her Las Vegas, Nevada elementary school, the librarian Mrs. Mayberry taught the students how the library works, checking out books and using a card catalog. Michelle also mentioned some favorite childhood books, such as: Dr. Seuss, Little House on the Prairie and Encyclopedia Brown.


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