Michelle Goodwin and Christy McMurren

Recorded November 6, 2021 Archived November 6, 2021 59:07 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Michell Goodwin (51) and Christy McMurren (68) discuss aging, their political values, and how to come together as a country.

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Michell Goodwin (MG) talks about why she wanted to do this conversation.
Christy McMurren (CM) talks about why she wanted to do this conversation.
CM talks about being jealous of the next generation, but is glad to see the progression.
MG talks about a when it seemed like life was written out for you.
MG talks about having two simultaneous truths.
CM talks about not wanting to be lumped in with liberals as a whole.
CM and MG discuss what the biggest issue in Alaska is.
MG talks about the value of unconditional love.
MG talks about wanting the government to stay out of her way.
CM talks about the difficulty of providing help to those who really need it.


  • Michelle Goodwin
  • Christy McMurren

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