Michelle Murray and Kendal Murray

Recorded March 5, 2020 Archived March 19, 2020 35:43 minutes
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Michelle Murray (49) speaks with her son Kendal Murray (19) about her military career, the Patriot Missile program, and the "shock and awe" tactic used in the United States' 2003 Invasion of Iraq.

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MM describes her work with the Patriot Missile system as a technician, and recalls being recruited for the position. MM gives a short overview of her military career and speaks about her fluency in multiple languages.
MM speaks about the value of mentors and peer mentorship, her own leadership, and how being a woman influenced her reluctance to ask for help.
MM shares advice for those considering going into military service. KM asks MM to share her memories from the United States' 2003 Invasion of Iraq using the "shock and awe" tactic. MM recalls learning of the plan to invade early, and speaks about some mishaps beforehand.
MM speaks about the challenges of the situation, including lack of ammo, food, and water. MM speaks about KM being a baby during this time, and recalls praying in her office. MM speaks about the first day of the war.
MM talks about Saudi Arabian News denying the US Military presence, and gives her thoughts on news as propaganda. MM speaks about the rescue of Jessica Lynch and the 507th Maintenance Company.
MM remembers getting out of the military after struggling with Thyroid Cancer and having a hard time making that decision. MM speaks about "order and discipline" and "purpose, direction, and motivation" as lessons instilled in service members.
MM shares advice for military families and couples, and KM talks about growing up with two military parents.


  • Michelle Murray (b. 1971)
  • Kendal Murray (b. 2001)

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Milton Hall

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