Michelle [No Name Given] and Gabi [No Name Given]

Recorded June 8, 2022 Archived June 8, 2022 41:15 minutes
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Sisters Michelle [No Name Given] (56) and Gabi [No Name Given] (52) reflect on their upbringing as military children, their own careers in the military, their family relationships, and how those experiences influence who they are today.

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M and G talk about growing up as military children.
G and M discuss their high school experiences.
Participants reflect on how their military exposed them to many different types of people at an early age.
G and M discuss the travel they experienced in childhood.
G explains how she came to enlist in the military.
Participants discuss M's military service.
G speaks about her civilian work with people experiencing addiction and contrasts it to her military training.
M describes how her military training has influenced her home and career.
M and G share their favorite memories of military service.
Participants reflect on their biggest takeaways from their military service.
G and M share about their father.


  • Michelle [No Name Given]
  • Gabi [No Name Given]

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Lyman Museum

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