Michelle Sauve and Katherine Chon

Recorded June 9, 2021 Archived June 8, 2021 41:36 minutes
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Michelle Sauve [no age given] talks with her colleague Katherine Chon [no age given] about her childhood, her family, and how her childhood memories and family roots in Native American communities led her to pursue a career supporting Native American youth.

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Michelle talks about her childhood and time she spent at the Bureau of Indian Affairs while she was growing up. She reflects on its influence on her career path and talks about how she started working at the Administration for Native Americans.
Michelle talks about her family ancestry and where her family members have lived in the US. She talks about her upbringing and community.
Michelle talks about her family. She talks about when she realized they didn't have as much financially as other children from families in the area.
Michelle remembers encouraging her mom to apply for a new job, and talks about her mother's encouragement for Michelle to go to college.
Michelle talks about her college search and her interest in finding schools where she could study American Indian development and economics.
Michelle talks about learning her worth in professional spaces.
Michelle talks about the youth she works with today and how they give her hope for the future.


  • Michelle Sauve
  • Katherine Chon

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