Mindy Baker and Lynn Potyen

Recorded February 23, 2020 Archived February 23, 2020 35:30 minutes
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Mindy Baker (42) speaks to her friend Lynn Potyen (53) about Lynn's shop, The GameBoard, and Lynn's dedication to using games to help the elderly and people with disabilities.

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LP and MB talk about LP’s first time at the Toy Fair. LP speaks about starting her game shop for her son, who was diagnosed with special needs and has a love of games.
LP recalls her son graduating from speech therapy sessions before they realized he was colorblind and also battling Dysgraphia. LP speaks about her son’s intelligence and engagement with board games, and his dynamic in relation to conventional education.
LP speaks using board games to help her other son Alex recover from a Traumatic Brain Injury. LP and MB discuss “brain health,” social stigmas about gamers and loneliness, using games to socialize and educate, and the way board games can transcend skill & ability.
They speak about societal assumptions regarding peoples’ ability levels, and LP’s work with elders with dementia and non-verbal conditions. MB speaks about the stigmas for gaming stores, and her father’s recent interest in board games at age 78.
LP and MB talk about games not being solely for kids, and the concept of turning games into therapy, as opposed to attempting to turn therapy concepts into a game. LP tells a story about seniors playing games and seeing it aid folks with dementia.
MB talks about LP’s store and her success in facilitating therapeutic moments and social interactions. LP thanks MB for supporting her small business.


  • Mindy Baker (b. 1977)
  • Lynn Potyen (b. 1966)

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Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

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