Molly Flanagan and Madison Lee

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Madison Ann Lee (21) speaks with her friend Molly Flanagan (21) about their different experiences having their Study Abroad programs cut short during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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MAL and MF speak about being best friends. planning their study abroad trips, and preparing to travel. MAL recalls going to Spain while MF went to Vienna, and enjoying the first few weeks abroad before the Coronavirus pandemic grew.
MF remembers going to Venice in February on the same weekend it would close, and seeing a semi-shut down Venice Carnival. MAL remembers people downplaying the seriousness as the pandemic arrived, and feeling reluctant to accept that life would change drastically.
MF and MAL recall the moments they learned they would be forced to end their travel abroad trips early, feeling devastated and crying. MF recalls “freaking out” and being in disbelief. MAL says the abrupt shift from normal life was “jarring.”
MF remembers people leaving their program unannounced out of fear and the panic that borders would fully close. They discuss the academic aspects of studying for days before finding out classes would be cancelled.
MF remembers this being her first time traveling alone, and being scared because she was feeling ill at the time. MAL speaks about this being one of her first experiences as an adult being “existentially” afraid, as if there had been an “alien invasion.”
MF remembers needing to buy extra luggage and having the cashier inquire if she had to leave the country. MAL speaks about locals’ perceiving that she was being sent home and sensing her sadness.
They discuss coming home and processing their feelings about cutting travel short, while acknowledging differing collective experiences during this pandemic.
MAL and MF discuss enjoying the effects of language immersion during their trips and look forward to experiencing it again.
MAL and MF share their favorite memories from studying abroad. MAL speaks about the friendships developed with people from all around the world. MF speaks about missing her favorite cafe abroad, fully staffed by retirees.


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00:02 Rewind I'm Madison and Lee. I'm 21. Today is January 11th, 2021. I'm in Manhattan, New York, and I'm here with my best friend Molly Flanagan and her classmates at Wellesley College.

00:17 I'm Molly. I'm also 21 and I'm in Boston, Massachusetts and as medicine just said we're best friends from college.

00:30 Yes. Alright, it's good to see you. I feel like we haven't. I don't know. I think we're here today to talk about our study abroad which I think was easy for both of us. What do you think? So I went to Spain study abroad and where did you go Molly went to biena in Austria and we both went for a semester in the same semester, which I think was really cool. And we had this huge plan to meet up that didn't end up working out though because of the covid-19 pandemic which was

01:17 Unexpected to say the least. I think I remember planning so much like with you not just stirring it but like before the fall before we went all the anticipation of us both going abroad different times. Like I think I went in like mid-January and I can't remember exactly when you went but it was a little bit later very early February.

01:52 It was so weird to because we were still in different time zones, which has never happened before I was so busy. I remember you in like just like remember how much stuff we had to do for Wellesley, like like academic stuff and like Visa stuff and all of this like just like sings and like Logistics to figure out and I remember like the semester right before we went abroad that was just look so much alike. That was our whole entire semester was just like figuring stuff out like we need to go to New York to get to get your visa.

02:36 I don't know. I don't know. It was just like all that planning and then like this winter session was all packing and like figuring out what shoes to bring literally all of that like how much clothes like everything. I know we went and it was like you were there before me and I was so how is it you were like, oh it's so awesome. And I was like so excited and we both got there and it was like two or three weeks. I've just like normal like a broadness and if you can call it and then like everything went downhill. Yeah, that's saying you know it like became more real like really quickly. I remember that stove.

03:20 I was it like in Vienna at like what did people say before like before we're taking it seriously.

03:28 I remember so vividly like I remember the first time that I heard about the pandemic but then like early February bad for you when it was like I mean we heard about it before but when it was like kind of attraction or talking about it, and I remember so vividly like reading Reddit articles constantly because it was so and I would watch like the map of China like become erupted and at that moment it was only like contained in China quote unquote and there were like a few cases are there like 9 cases of the u.s. Is Asian. I know it's like weird to think back cuz I remember on the flight there like I knew about the pandemic and like I knew was in China at that point unlike like allegedly. There was no cases anywhere else and I remember going on the plane and like my parents gave me to mask and like a packet of Clorox or something just in case like it was almost

04:28 Jokingly, they really just in case and I walked into the plane and I like to wipe out and I just like white down my see and everyone's like looking at me funny. They were like, what you doing? And how is that down? And it was like totally normal. It was like it was like everyone it's just sitting like no one had masks on I'm like to see that versus like the flight home was like so different. It was just like totally opposite ends of the Spectrum in terms of like people washing their hands and using hand sanitizer and everything and I was just I don't know it was like such a I remember that so vividly like going there and knowing that it was the thing but it felt really far away and then I am super real. Yeah. I remember like so like one of the biggest moments of like this is maybe something real was like in I want to see right this second or third week of February. I went to Venice and it was the exact same weekend if they closed down because of covet

05:28 So weird to be there when it happened and I remember getting off the day like announced that it was like an emergency on on like Friday evening and I had landed on like Friday afternoon. I took a plane from Vienna to Venice. I remember getting off the plane and they immediately took my temperature which was so bizarre to me because it was like before it was like, I don't know like a concern by all in the US and likes to delete media. I was in the US and like that was so so so strange but it's still like they're everywhere like it was even though Carnival is technically like shutdown. They still had stuff everywhere and like how weird that was unlike I was like, should I be worried but no one was like worried at. All, right. I know that's the same thing. I think it was.

06:20 It was like a public acceptance of like oh, it's not a big deal. Like I remember people literally in in Spain being like or would like, don't worry. Don't worry. It's not a big deal and like everyone was saying not so

06:32 Like it wasn't a big deal and you know, you like kind of goat we both had a pretty rough semester right before eating a planning in like academics and all of that stuff. So I think when we went abroad like you were ready to just you know, like take it all in and like have fun and then to hear everyone saying like, oh, it's not a big deal. Like I definitely got convinced for a home for a while, but it wasn't a big deal. So then you know when I started hearing like news of place is shutting down and I'm like when I heard about Italy

07:02 I remember the director of my program was like, oh now that that happens Italy like we're all okay because like now they know what to expect and like they absolutely didn't know that and I think it was kind of just like a feeling of

07:15 Like if we kind of deny it like it doesn't really exist unless we can continue on our daily lives and I think it was like a reluctance to accept that like your daily life would change because I remember it being like even the day we left with people walking around shopping like it was kind of empty but I think it was just like people weren't really like embracing it like it's not like it is now and let you run into a store you get what you need and you run out, you know, when did you learn? I'm curious to know because I remember like the exact moment. I learned like we were getting sent home. When did you learn? I know it's like so hard to think back to that moment and be like, oh my God, like I was me and a past life, but when does the exact moment that you learned that it was like serious that you were like needed to book a flight and go home. I feel absolutely

08:15 Probably got this email to but Wellesley College. I emailed everyone that was abroad at like their time cuz it was like 10 p.m. Or 11 p.m. That Trump had originally officially announced and remember getting that email. It came in like white balls that have told everyone abroad to get home right now at like 3:30 in the morning because it's kind of stupid friends and I remember waking up in the middle of the night and I'll check my phone like I'll do that a lot and I saw it and I was like probably 3:30 in the morning like after they've sent it and I remember freaking out like I was so freaked out. I was like no I remember going because I was living in apartment with roommates.

09:15 I went into the kitchen because I had a roommate in my room and I called my parents cuz I knew they would be awake cuz it was like earlier there and I was like they just sent this I remember crying and I have I can't go home. I don't want to go home and it was like a huge back and forth for me. At least. I'm I want to hear about your experience to cuz I know that you have a different program, but for me, my program was not through Wellesley. I had actually had to like petition to do the program I did because it's not actually normally done through Wellesley. It's called is Vienna which is like I yes, I guess that was a bunch of abroad programs. It's kind of like a little baby abroad school. I remember like because we didn't run the program. I was like well Wells we doesn't run this program if they checking me out.

10:15 I was so adamant about that. And then I like was like, okay, I'm going to stay it going to be fine. And then like four days later, I yes announce that they were like, I don't know be like held responsible for that or whatever which I understand. I remember it was such like a backwards narrative 2 of like 4 weeks. They were saying oh but there's no way you guys are going to go home like 4 weeks and I remember so vividly like they have a program or they have multiple campuses for is in Italy and they had gotten really scared and they were like, no way you're going to get home we can do this online senior apartments in Vienna. There's no way and I would like such a 360 of like, I remember like four or five days later after Trump has made that like you have like we're closing the borders. They were like, you guys have to go home. I'm sorry, like we can't do that anymore.

11:15 Like I feel like you reacted like my program was throughout the I did press go. So it was like a Wellesley program. So it's like a combination of like Wellesley student students from Smith in like a few other smaller colleges and they all go and I remember it was just like how you said it was like a 360 like I had a friend from like way back in like Elementary School friend who is studying art in Italy at the time and she post on Facebook. She's like I got sent home like I'm so devastated and I feel so bad like so I was maybe to wish weeks before we learn but between that time and the time that we learned I remember them being like no way you're going to get sent home with 100% confidence if you're not going to get sent home and I remember the director of the program. She's like never in my life. Have we cancel this program? You know, so I was so certain that they were going to like find a way to make it work, especially after what happened in Italy.

12:15 You know be like, oh now we know like what not to do for that to happen, you know, and I remember we were also confident that we learned on a Thursday like really early in the morning. So I think like a similar timeline to you. We learn like basically on Wednesday. I had a group project in one of my classes. So be it all planned to go to class together and then go have like lunch or something and then work on our project and then like hang out afterwards and I was like, my whole day is planned Thursday. I didn't have classes on Friday like it was awesome. And then on Thursday morning, I woke up and I looked at my sister's Instagram story isn't this to my sister and she had taken us like a photo of the TV and it was like Trump closes the US border is and I was like, oh shoot. Oh shoot. I feel like I get a lot of Instagram anyway.

13:15 Like like what's going on like my like this they knew before we did. So I woke up and I I looked at her Instagram story and then I looked at my email and all my email. It was an email from FreshCo being like in bold letters. I don't go to class come to the like Lounge whenever I forget what they call the you next. So that's what they called the student lounge so they will go to class like start packing your stuff and come here right away. And I was like, oh my God and I like immediately started crying cuz it just was like this whole abroad dream that I'd like to come crashing down within literally like 12 hours from planning to meet with my group to get in that email. So and I want to hear about how you pack to because I think everyone is really crazy, but I literally like was like, what do I do? I'm horrible at hacking and you know that I do and I was just like I was like looking at my luggage and I like hold it down here.

14:15 And then I remember opening the door and like my host mom was there and she was like and then like like, you know, just like go to the nexo and then like we'll talk about this later whatever and I remember I think I called my parents as well and was like 4 a.m. For my children and my dad wakes up really early. So I called him and I was like, oh my gosh, like I think we're going home. Like I guess I'll see you soon. So we walked in like I had a pretty far walk from my house, but my host family home at 2 the nexo and like it was so quiet out because it was so early in the morning and like we all got there and like 20 of us were just like stopping it was so sad and like I think it just hit everyone that like

15:06 It was our semester abroad and like that was really special in like we all thought we had so much more time and then like to realize that we didn't have that much time left was like really shocking. So like the director of my program basically like God literally got on the internet right there in like started booking everyone tickets and I think because it was through Wellesley, like there was like no choice. She was like, you're going home here some strawberries. I remember she had like a boy some strawberries to eat. And yeah, I was just like really jarring. I think that that was like the thing. I remember the most is going from like almost complete normalcy to like completely not normal like within a few hours yet. That was really crazy to me.

15:55 I was just thinking about how I like the timeline for me with little bits a friend and that like I remember going to classes on Thursday after that happened and I remember I was like not sure what to expect because the token hadn't said anything based. I'd like something like remain calm like we understand what Trump said you'll just be calm right now. We're trying to figure it out. They had. Said. Yeah, you know where you have to go home and didn't find out until like Sunday or something. So it was still like chill but everyone in the program with some different schools like I would say like maybe they're like there was two hundred people in the whole program and I would say like they were small clusters of like Cody's 10 to 20 people go to the school in the Midwest and then like 10 21 preschool at Wellesley student, which was obviously and some of them I had heard Rumours not rumors. Like I know that they were true like

16:55 With in my apartment. We had like kind of like an RA and she told us that like she was like, oh my God this other already that I was talking to you said that one of their students left in the middle of the night the minute they got the email and immediately and then please tell me if you're going to do that. It's cool if you do but like that type of thing and I remember everyone being so scared on Thursday and like we just couldn't do class yet. We just talk to each other and it was weird too because I'm over on Friday. It was everyone in the program was required to take German whether you had never taken care of it or not a midterm on that Friday is like cool. We're going to go to the ER and then I guess this is like

17:54 Country of Austria had like issued like a state of warning line like Friday morning. So they emailed us all Friday morning and we're like do not go to class which was so weird to be like studying for the midterm on.

18:16 I just feel like it's so weird to think back cuz there's like this huge academic portion of it to where it's like literally you're there to take classes and like all of a sudden you're like uprooted in the middle of your classes in like I feel like we're well you dance like that you really prioritize going to like that does make sense that you'd like, you're like I got a test was weird. Yeah. I remember to like the fact that like nothing happened cancel do the program yet. A lot of people were saying and I would say like slowly bit by pitbull we're leaving because the fear that the borders with closed Friday evening for some reason a lot of people got it into their mind that that meant no one could get through what it what it meant was no non US citizens to get through but so many people were like. Means no one can get there. I remember people in like abroad programs not like in my program, but we're like texting me like, what do you mean? You're not leaving on Friday? You have to leave on Friday.

19:16 Talking to be able to come home and I am another Wellesley student was in I think France or something and she could not get a ticket cuz I'll so the flights were like, like I didn't know they had them when you caught like surge pricing basically and she's like, I can't get a flight. Like I cannot get a ticket. I'm just going to stay until I can like afford it ticket basically and I remember she was staying at like her parents really freaking out cuz it was like you're going to be stuck in the country were never going to see you again in like it was definitely like that feeling of like like when they said close the borders, I think a lot of people kind of thought about like, oh, it's like movie closing the borders were like people aren't as mannion on the gates on me. And I think it was so much confusion and there was like a lot of like a lot of misinformation and I think a lot of like the wrong language being used to describe it.

20:16 The same thing. I mean like it was only back when I was in the United States that I realize that like people are still trickling in as long as they had a u.s. Passport, you know, so yeah, I think I was like really would like to drove I have is like Mad Dash out of the countries that we were in three separate flights because and that was really frustrating because when they got canceled you like lost your money technically, so I end a were so expensive like because they were being posted like week of that. I had to keep on calling them and being like you just change my flight and like there was a problem that you had to go into 1 of 14 airports in the US to like get into the us and one of them was not and I live in Boston and Logan in Boston was not one of those so I had to go to JFK and then go to Boston which was like hard to get a flight from here to like

21:16 K2 Boston Scientific how to take a flight from Vienna to Brussels to JFK to Boston flights of Brussels. I just think it was such a Mad Dash that I think they were kind of just like anything that we can get you on a flight that's like remotely closer to the u.s. What do I remember my friend and the poor thing she lives for flights because she couldn't like find one like it like somewhere to eat what you just said, but she just couldn't find a flight to her region of the US and she's crying a lot because it's like at that point like nobody really knew anything about the virus. So keep where do I go? If I fly I'm going to get it automatically. It's so I did.

22:08 But I did like the more flights you took the more at risk you were and you know, it was it's like heartbreaking to see people like trying to like be at the airport at like let me get a ticket, you know, and like all the camping stuff. I was going to ask what it what was it like when you got to the airport like what it what what were people doing? Like, I remember the people in line, we're all with nobody touching anything like everyone like had their hands basically in their pockets and like I think I had a mass or ended up getting it on and it was like everyone had gloves on all of a sudden like it was totally different than my first light there. But I remember the like airport like TSA and stuff they were so chill about everything like they were like touching the machines with their hands and like so, under pressure and I was like, how is this even possible cuz I'm freaking out right now. So look at the airport for you. I was so scared because I was alone cuz I was doing

23:08 Student and I didn't know anyone else that lives in Boston. So I went to be like I did my flight thing alone, which was so scary cuz already going to Vienna with my first time flying alone, like without my parents and the same with like this is going to hurt and I remember when I was waiting in line to go like check in my luggage there was like a long line to sign. I got there plenty early, but I remember that there was this guy who was at the kiosk next to me trying to get a plate and never the guy next to me while I was waiting in line. He who is at the kiosk he was trying to get a flight to South Korea and he was from there and I guess South Korea at that point. I had like close their borders were not even they weren't flying at all. I guess I can put that in there and they were like, it's not for the next 2 months.

24:08 I was like trying to get home and it scared me so much just to see like this thing that she was going through. I was like this cuz he me, like it just scared me so much and I was like, I was I December being so anxious the whole flight like all I could think of was. Oh my God, I'm going to be stopped at the border. I'm going to like not be able to get home for some reason like I was like, oh I'm going to get to JFK and they're going to make me stay in one of those lights hotels that people are talking about something cuz I was sick at the time. I don't know why it wouldn't but I was so scared like I don't have a fever but I like remember I was coughing a bunch and I would go when I was on the plane that was from Brussels to the US.

25:08 I don't know what it was but it would just seem like a cold but my gosh, yeah. Yeah, I don't think I like as an adult who's like other like I can't remember the like the last time I was like legitimately like existentially afraid in the way. I was like traveling like I think I mean, of course when you're a kid, you look scared of scary movies, but I think like traveling back, you know being in the airport. It's like everyone was so scared. I've never seen like grown people so scared before you know, and it's it felt like

26:03 It felt how I imagined like an alien invasion feels a little bit where it's like it's like everyone's kind of normal but like trying to act normal but like you can tell they're really scared and like as an adult whatever I am like an adult, but you know at that moment. I like couldn't I was like, I'm so scared and like we're leaving the situation in Europe, you know, and then normally, you know home means like, oh we're out of the situation like we're safe again, but like we didn't really know what we're coming back to, you know, like we had heard what was on the news and stuff but

26:39 You know like we were kind of I I felt like we were like jumping out of it. What is it the frying pan into the fire or whatever like we were going from one crazy chaotic situation back to another Teo crazy stuff. And you know, that was really scary is like not knowing what to expect when I got to New York. And you know, it's like of course New York is going to be like a hotspot, you know, there's so many people here and then to land and have it be like empty empty empty and no Time Square empty. Like I've never ever seen that in my life and probably never will again, like just no one on the street like to be you know, she's like walking through with my luggage being like, okay. I need to check into a hotel real quick. It's like I've never been like scared in that way before when I also

27:26 Like scare, but you have to do something and it scared me. So if you get your fight and you have stuff to like check your baggage and like get your baggage and you have to like remain calm and like do normal stuff, but you're still really scared about something. I've never experienced before climbing rapidly and I was like, why am I leaving this country or country? That's like so much worse and I thought it was so stupid. I was like, I'm in the apartment by can I just stay in this apartment? This is so stupid and it's like I was like fine with just waiting it out like and I remember like how stupid that's about to me and like like I was just thinking about like even getting I remembered it was weird so that week my was like the following week was going to be our like spring break week.

28:26 My mom was going to come visit me which is really exciting. And she was going to bring because she's only visiting for like a couple days or like a week and then going right back because I had bought so many clothes like mint Mayer Jr. Whenever I'm leaving and then I remember because I didn't happen. I had to buy another suitcase and I was like, okay and I remember it was like Saturday or something and I went to TK Maxx, which is TJMaxx, but not to go to the K. Oh my God. It was so awful.

29:17 It was like Bittersweet off Wilbur. I went to the register and the woman could tell I can speak German but I have like a very obvious American access and she could tell that I was America can and she thought I was just getting a suitcase and she asked if I have to go home and it was awful. It was like I don't want Jimmy. It was like a credible the way that the people just liked on my walk to like to and from the school. I like got to know them kind of an incredible how much they were able to see that. I was upset like that day. We learn like like you like you're saying like this like random person in the store like employees like, oh my gosh, you look really sad right now just like I am, you know, and like the same thing happened. There was a cafe at least a possible way to school and you know, I was like obviously like kind of teary-eyed and like a little bit like hot

30:17 You know the guy who works there. He's like what's going on and I was home and like it was crazy how everyone just immediately like picked up on that and I don't know. I think it's also like a very like it's tied in like a lot with like European cultures are very tight end with like European culture II of just like being very like collectivist in like everyone, you know each other and I definitely like saw that you know, I was like you kind of don't really know me like we just happen to like see each other a lot in the street just cuz this is my walk to school on like the way that they were like, oh, I'm so sorry. You're getting sent home like

30:55 Like as if like we like we're friends and stuff and like in a weird way it was comforting but then you know, it's just it was his his crazy situation as I got to really know you that well, but thank you for saying sorry. And you know, I think when when we got back to campus my kind of over the summer when like everyone didn't really know what was going on. Everyone's just home like

31:18 I'll be honest. Like I definitely felt like a lack of understanding or like a lack of support even from Wellesley, you know, cuz it was just such a weird and unique situation. I don't think anybody really knew like what we needed like the time like we as in like the people who were in our situation who got like sent home very abruptly. I don't think anyone really knew how to help us in a way because I think I mean we lost out on like something that is super important. You know what their semester abroad is her chance to like speak another language, you know, I don't speak that language. I'm at home. But you know, like see the world with the safety net of Wellesley and away.

32:03 Like knowing that you can always come back and to come back in like kind of be reaching out to Wellesley about like administrative stuff like Logistics and like classes and like, how are we going to finish your classes and refunds in blah blah blah and to come back in like not have anyone really like acknowledge that it was like super emotional for us to go and I think I'm going to say I think that brought us closer together. I found like a lot of people trying to relate it to like, I know that all the people on campus of course got sent home like you were on mostly of course, and I remember like a lot of it was like it's out toner intuitive to complain about it or to talk about it because everyone got sent home no matter where you were at like that sucks, but it felt like this was like another

33:03 Layer of like I didn't get sent home from the comfort of somewhere that I know and I'm used to and I wasn't you know, I like it was just like a whole other like layer of, you know, I have been planning to go on to all these places. I was going to stay in Europe to like June if I could I'd like that was just a lucky experience to have obviously and like two months. I had her barely two months. I had like I think it was just like the different expectation like you said like being able to do something else. I like being able to immerse yourself in another culture another language and I think it was just disappointing which has to offer to say I'm like no one can. But I definitely agree like it was weird trying to talk to people about it because everyone had been sent home on different levels, but it was just different being abroad and like I remember in high school there is even like an abroad program where for like 2

34:03 Spring break people went to like their country of where they were learning the language and like every program them and I remember my friends went on it and I was so jealous, but I was like, no it's going to be okay. I'm going to go to college and then I like to joke half joke, I guess that it took like 20 years of preparation still like finally, you know making abroad in like a similar like I hadn't been outside of the country. I've been to Puerto Rico and looks super young but I don't remember it but I hadn't been outside of the country like ever or you know in like to feel comfortable in being uncomfortable abroad like it was still uncomfortable. I buy I'm still learning, you know, the language like I couldn't fully articulate myself in Spanish yet and like to feel comfortable in that and like being kind of out of my

35:03 And then like all of a sudden like having to Pivot once again to like being uncomfortable because of Coban, you know, that was difficult. You know, I

35:15 I don't know. I think it's like it's such a yeah, like everyone got sent home in like for a long time. I was like, oh, you know every medicine home like I'm not valid in like feeling upset about this, but you know, the more I thought about it over the summer especially cuz we were just giving you have much going on. You know, I think it was it was hard to kind of them to terms with like this huge thing that had been like lost like 5 months taking classes like a living life in another country like one else. Can you do that without like losing your job or something, you know, so I think over the summer I really

35:50 Like saw what I was missing in like that still makes me really upset and like I don't think I ever really get over it. But I think it did kind of like inspire me to travel more and like to try to make it up in the future. I know if you feel like a similar way and we're like now that you know, I was there for like I supposed to be there for 5 months and I was there for like a month issue a generous three and a half weeks. And you know, I think it makes me feel like I like missed out on like four months of like living that life, but it also makes me want to like go back and like finish my semester abroad like whether it be over the summer, you know in grad school or something like that and I definitely think

36:33 It's like really sad like I if I could go back in time. Like I wish I would have gone abroad the different semester. But at the same time I think.

36:42 Like now I have this passion to travel in like it's like a desire to travel now because you know, I didn't get that chance and like now I realize how valuable that was. You know, like I know this was my first time like trying to speak a language in our country. And it is definitely true what they had always said in class which was like once you're in the country. It'll be so much easier like so like like it was so true. But it was that's how it went. You know, and I think I don't know what your experience is like and I would like to know what this week in Spanish in Spain was like, but for me at least in Vienna, I was scared that people were going to hear that. I was bad at Sherman or learning it. I would like to start speaking English because everyone there or not everyone English and what happened they were so patient and like they wanted me to try because I mean for German at least I think not many people try to learn something like that anymore. And now that everyone in Europe takes to English

37:42 Crazy. Like they were just so used to people coming and speaking English. I think they like they wanted to help me which is really really cool and like made me feel like I could try again, you know going back. I'm solutely and I don't think that's something that's you can easily replicate in the u.s. Do you know like you can watch like I was trying to learn, you know, keep up with my learning Spanish by watching like Spanish television shows on Netflix, but like it's not the same and you're totally right that I think it's so much easier to like be immersed and like have your brain switched to that language and like going abroad such a valuable thing to come back with like this like really good like life skill, you know speaking another language in for that too kind of

38:27 Have been cut short like I do think I've been seeking ways to kind of replace it. But I think you know, like of course we both done academically, you know, our language is but I think it definitely makes me want to light.

38:42 You know immerse myself again, like I think it's so important to be immersed in like that's what it felt like to be abroad.

38:49 I don't know. I want to know what I'm like a happier note. What what do you miss most about Spain or what is your like best memory of staying my friends over there? They were so like they were so like ride or die friends like from the moment we met they were like, you're my best friend like like like it was just it was always what I dream about is like the perfect classmates. I mean, there's never like everyone's a great classmate from every different country and like all different walks of life. And it's like how I envisioned like a better world or whatever is like to have all these people so I'm like totally different perspectives, like people that you would never normally meet. Like I met someone from a Ron and like we were talking about like Hillary Clinton and stuff and like it was a conversation that I never.

39:41 Expected to happen, but I was so glad that it happened. Like I was so glad to meet those people. What about you? What do you think was your fondest memory? I think I think of you mentioned the cafe and I think I'm too. I love the friends we met but I love this Cafe that we always went to call Bullpen Shion and I think I told you about it, but it's a place where only retired grandma's and grandpa's worst joke you ever just really sweet old people and they make all the cakes and the coffee and they just the sweetest things. I remember loving being there cuz it was like, you know, whenever you're away from your parents you want like a maternal or like a paternal will travel again you and me. I know so thanks everyone for listening. Hopefully, you'll see us again hopefully on a flight in the future when it's coded safe and all that.

40:41 They're ready for us to plan our trip together and we go everywhere.