"I couldn't STAND him when I first met him, and now I know why!"

Recorded November 22, 2018 Archived November 22, 2018 33:15 minutes
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This interview was conducted on November 22nd (Thanksgiving Day) in Sophia's home in Egg Harbor Township for 2018's Great Thanksgiving Listen. This conversation is between Sophia Dati (the "interviewer") and her grandparents from her father's side, Theresa and Ben Dati. Throughout this recording, Theresa and Ben tell wholesome, heartwarming, and crazy stories about how they met, their honeymoon, their children and Sophia along with her mother who has passed. After this recording, it can be safely assumed that Sophia's family is.... different, to say the least.


  • Sophia Dati
  • Theresa Dati
  • Benjamin Dati

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