Morals behind the Memories

Recorded December 9, 2019 Archived December 9, 2019 11:21 minutes
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“The Germans shot my father, shot my sister, she was twelve years old.” On November 28, 2019 in Studio City, California, Andrew Yotnegparian sat down with his grandfather, Maurice Yotnegparian, to learn about the struggles he faced in his life as well as what he learned. In the interview, Maurice talks about the tragic event that happened in his hometown of Marseille, France. It was the year of 1945 and he had just watched his father get killed and his sister get shot by the Germans during World War II, changing his life forever. At the age of 17, he leaves from France to go to America for a better opportunity. He faces the challenges of adjusting to a new country with little money, no knowledge of the language, and no job, as mentioned in minute 8. By keeping great morals, he earns the respect of his family, co-workers, and community. Overall, he is thankful for all that has happened in his life and takes each memory as a learning experience, including the death of his father.


  • Maurice Yotnegparian
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