More or Less, My Bestfriend

Recorded November 26, 2018 Archived November 26, 2018 05:43 minutes
Id: APP563476


Interviewed on November 25th, 2018 in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, Chris Garofalo and his father, Philp Garofalo, sit down to discuss Philip’s childhood and how he has grown to become the man he is today. Centered around being born in Philadelphia and later moving to South Jersey, the interview recalls Philip’s early life and the people involved within it. Also, through discussing the adversities that he faced, life lessons such as college being important and health is more important than materialistic items, can be drawn from it. The interview concludes with reflecting on the positive aspects of Philip’s life and how he feels content with the life that he has and loves his wife and three children.


  • Christopher Garofalo
  • Philp Garofalo
  • Lauretta Garofalo

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