"More they tried to help the more she resisted."

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“Hello my name is Jake Carnevale and this is my father Mick. Alright, First off who was it who used the substance in the family?” “That would be my mother your grandma,” “And what substance was it?” “She was an alcoholic and a gambler.” “Uh and a gambler, from which age did it start for you?” “Since as long as I can remember she was an alcoholic her whole life.” “How did it affect you growing up?” “Well, it was difficult because we would fight a lot, she would ah fight with your grandfather a lot cause all sorts of problems and it was difficult.” “Did the family try and help?” “Yeah, they tried but she was a person who was never wrong and more they tried to help the more she resisted. So um she never ah never stopped.” “Uhm did it affect your family in any way?” “Sure, it affected our family, we had to be worry whenever we went out, if we went to a wedding, you know if something, someone said something she didn’t like, she would start an argument. She would start arguments with her family, with her sibling, with my father, with my brother and sister, over, over anything because she was just in the mood, she was drinking and she was in the mood to fight. so it affected, it had a big effect.” “alright, was it hard to like bring people around?” “Yeah, because you never knew what was going to happen. She is okay until she started when you know when you brought people around she was nice and then when she had a few drinks and someone said something that she didn't like she changed and would get nasty.” “Alright, uh Did the alcohol abuse ever stop?” “No, she drank until the day she died. Less in the end but thats because of physical reasons.” “Okay and lastly what did you learn from from like the experience of alcohol abuse?” “What I learned from watching her is that I would never want to do the same the thing to my family. And I had a witness in I had a witness in grow up living with.” “Alright thank you for your time.” “Okay!”


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