Mrs. Hayes and Kailyn JBeily have a conversation about Mrs. Hayes' career at Rocklin High School.

Recorded December 15, 2017 Archived December 15, 2017 20:18 minutes
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Having known eachother for 6 years, Mrs. Hayes and student Kailyn JBeily have a discussion about the early career life of Mrs. Hayes and how her job has changed her life. She has had her two boys go through the school, and is one of the founding teachers of the Rocklin High School, which opened 25 years ago. She believes that this job and all the people who she have changed her life within her career is the perfect definition of "a good life." She is a real inspiration to anyone who meets her, and her spirit encourages young students like Kailyn to follow their dreams and do what they love. Hopefully, people follow her footsteps and in the long run, and never have to work a day in their life.


  • Nancy Hayes
  • Kailyn JBeily

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