How joining the military changed a life.

Recorded November 28, 2017 Archived November 28, 2017 12:27 minutes
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In William’s Interview with Bruce Miller his grandfather on November 26th, discussing similarities and differences growing up in different generations and what it was like joining the war, leaving family behind. Joining the military is definitely a great challenge and something that would necessarily change one’s life, as did Bruce. He talks about the training he had to do to prepare and some of the people he met along the way. Joining the war came with a few sacrifices, leaving family, friends, and lovers behind. During the course of his enlistment he was able to get married and have three children of his own. He talks about some of the crazy experiences he had when at war and very interesting and amazing people he met along the way. This interview is just one of the few examples of how enlisting in the military can change your life, and that one can pass their story down for generations.


  • Bruce Miller

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