My Interview with my Dad talking about how he raised me and if he should have done anything different.

Recorded April 30, 2021 Archived April 30, 2021 24:15 minutes
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In this interview, conducted in April 30 2021 in Newport Beach, California, I(19) interview my Dad (49) about his life and what he thinks about his parenting skills. He speaks about how he has questions if he should have raised me differently and what he thinks about the person I am today. He also speaks about how he is grateful for his life, but did not know what to expect for it. He also asks me some questions about what I think of myself and what I think about my potential future career. At the end of the interview, we talk about what I have taken from him and my mother and what our outlooks on life are!


  • Naren Chandrashekar

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