My mom talks about her life and her job

Recorded November 29, 2021 Archived November 29, 2021 06:05 minutes
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I (Jay) ask my mom (Mia) about her life and her experiences as a nurse. First, I ask her about an important lesson she learned in life, which is not trusting everything someone says and doing your own research about the topic. She then tells me about her first memory at kindergarten, how she got homesick after spending one night camping at a church. I found out that a lot of my family members were civil servants like police officers and teachers. Mom shares some interesting stories from her job as a nurse in South Korea’s biggest hospital, like how she met the time’s richest person in Korea, Hyundai Motor’s chairman. She explains how seeing previously wheelchaired patients walk back in for their last checkup made her very proud, and how seeing patients pass away post op was the worst.


  • Mia Chung
  • Jay

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